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PRESS RELEASE: Parlin, NJ, 13-JAN-2011: Dr. Daniel Newcomer, Sayreville Chiropractor has been recognized for his success in providing natural Scoliosis Correction to individuals suffering from the condition. The doctor has focused his practice on developing the methods and techniques required to alleviate pain and give patients the ability to achieve a greater quality of life and mobility.

The doctor spends time with patients evaluating the extent of the damage and areas of the body being impacted by the pressure of the curve on the spine. Many people with Scoliosis experience pain in their spine and extremities because the discs in their back are compressing and pinching nerves.

When interviewed recently, Dr. Newcomer stated, “Many people with Scoliosis suffer for years with the pain and discomfort caused by this condition. My focus is on helping my patients achieve the state of health and well-being that will give them a great quality of life and the ability to participate in normal activities that they may have missed. Through a program that gently realigns the spine and relieves pressure from the nerves, my patients quickly begin to feel stronger and healthier.”

Through a combination of chiropractic care and other therapies such as deep tissue massage, circulation throughout the body is improved, the spine is straightened and the proper balance is returned to the body. The doctor often recommends exercises that will increase flexibility and strengthen the muscles supporting the lower back and spine.

To get more information on the methods and techniques used by Dr. Daniel Newcomer, Sayreville Chiropractor, to help individual suffering from Scoliosis regain the mobility and quality of life that they want visit http://www.parlinspine.com today. Members of the press and individuals wishing more details regarding this press release will find contact information below.

Dr. Daniel Newcomer

Parlin Spine & Laser Center

3010 Bordentown Ave

Parlin, NJ 08859

Telephone: (732) 721-0044

Fax: (732) 316-1336

Website: http://www.parlinspine.com

Summary: Dr. Daniel Newcomer, Sayreville Chiropractor has been recognized for his success in providing safe and natural solutions to individuals suffering from Scoliosis. The doctor and his team provide individualized programs that are designed to realign the spine and strengthen the body, giving patients a greater quality of life and the mobility they need to function fully in their daily life.


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A South Amboy chiropractor assists migraine sufferers find relief through alternative, chiropractic measures. A combination of techniques is utilized to eliminate all triggers causing the occurrence of migraine headaches. Through this form of care, pain relief medication is not required.

There are multiple theories cited for the occurrence of migraine headaches. Although the exact cause remains unknown, chiropractors pinpoint the underlying cause of migraines and relieve that. Vertebrae subluxation occurring around the top of the neck where it meets the base of the skull is often one of the primary causes of migraine headaches.

Chiropractors then use a series of spinal adjustments to fix the subluxation. Often they also use a series of muscle massage techniques. This will loosen the tightened muscles and allow blood to flow normally throughout the body, relieve migraine headaches.

Sometimes, it is not a subluxation but a different trigger that causes the onset of a migraine headache. This can include certain foods, stress, and a host of other factors. These triggers are also addressed through chiropractic care. Individuals are endowed with nutritional and lifestyle counseling to identify the causes and reduce its impact. They are dealt with in an effective manner so migraines do not reoccur.

To locate the cause of the migraine, a chiropractor will perform an initial examination of the individual. The examination will be able to identify the problem, whether it is disc compression or a pinched nerve at the neck, or if it is the lifestyle of the individual. Through medical history workups and physical examinations, this is all worked out.

Through alternative techniques, the South Amboy chiropractor is able to focus on the person as a whole and enable the body to heal itself. Programs are created to assist the body in healing quickly. Depending on the migraine triggers, training and education are provided to alleviate the occurrence of migraines.

You no longer have to let headaches take over your life, thanks to your South Amboy chiropractor. Learn more about the solutions to headache pain by visiting the website at http://www.parlinspine.com today.

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A South Amboy chiropractor is frequently visited by patients suffering with tension headaches. This is the most common of all headaches and yet its causes are not really understood. It is described as a diffusion of mild to moderate pain that feels as though a tight band is around the head.

Some sectors in the medical community believe that this type of headache is a result of a disruption in the central nervous system. This leads to changes in chemicals in the brain, e. G. Endorphins, serotonin, and others that are involved in communication to and from the brain. Others believe they are caused by aching joints and muscles that lead to lack of mobility and tightness.

Common triggers are stress, depression, anxiety, poor posture, sitting or standing in one position for a long time, and jaw-clenching. Typical symptoms are pressure and tightness around the forehead, or at the back or side of the head. Other symptoms are tenderness of the neck, scalp, and shoulder muscles. Occasionally, patients complain of a loss of appetite.

The duration of a headache can be anything from half an hour to a whole week. The symptoms may be experienced all the time or at sporadic intervals. The severity differs from one person to another, as does the frequency.

Patients often confuse a tension headache with a migraine headache but there are significant differences. Migraines usually involve some visual disturbances, vomiting, nausea, weakness or numbness, or abdominal pain. None of these are associated with a tension headache.

Because chiropractic care focuses on the central nervous system and the musculoskeletal system, a South Amboy chiropractor can address any area of the spinal column that is painful, stiff, or tight. Often, a spinal manipulation can eliminate a tension headache because every part of it is maneuvered into correct alignment. The chiropractor may also give basic advice on exercise, relaxation techniques, nutrition, and lifestyle, to prevent further headaches.

Your South Amboy chiropractor has the tools and techniques to reduce the pain of tension headaches. You can learn more or schedule a visit by checking the website at http://www.parlinspine.com now.

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When the spine remains in proper alignment, an individual will be able to function properly. However, when individuals practice habits of bad postures, it will put excessive strain on the spinal cord and muscles. This will prohibit the body from moving properly. It will also cause the spinal cord to become misaligned, resulting in pinched nerves or blood vessel constriction. To relieve bad posture naturally, visit a Sayreville chiropractor.

If an individual is constantly positioning their body in uncomfortable positions, the muscles become increasingly more strained. This will occur over a period of time. Some of the more common causes of bad posture include weak muscles, pregnancy, and obesity.

One of the main causes of bad posture are individuals are remain hunched over their computer for long periods of time every day. Muscles begin to stagnate, which can become increasingly painful. Through multiple chiropractic sessions, however, this pain can be relieved and the spine will be fixed.

Because bad posture takes time to develop, it is going to take time to undo the damage caused by bad posture. Muscles must be loosened up for the spine to be realigned properly. Individuals must also retrain their body to remain in the positions that do not cause bad posture. Most chiropractors, therefore, recommend weekly sessions of spinal adjustment therapy, as well as muscle massage therapy.

Individuals must practice correct posture daily. Exercises are provided to assist in building good postural habits. This will strengthen any weakened muscles. For extreme cases of bad posture, chiropractors will advise the use of a corrective device to remove any spinal curvatures.

Through guidance and training, a Sayreville chiropractor will educate individuals on the best posture techniques for standing and sitting. This will ensure that an individual does not fall back into bad postural habits. It will also guarantee individuals no longer experience pain associated with bad posture.

A Sayreville chiropractor will work with you to eliminate bad posture habits. You can learn more about how posture affects every aspect of your health when you visit http://www.parlinspine.com .

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There are many reasons that an individual may suffer from issues related to poor posture. A person may find that as they age the issue becomes more severe and begins to interfere with the enjoyment of their daily life. In many cases, poor posture will lead to pain in the back, neck and extremities as the discs in the spine compress and the nerves are pinched. Getting safe and natural postural correction therapy is possible with the help of a Sayreville chiropractor.

Issues with the posture that is caused by misalignments in the spine is normally identified at an early age. However, it is not until an individual gets older that they begin to experience the pain and immobility that often accompanies severe posture issues. In most cases, a severe postural issue will limit the mobility and function of an individual and adversely affect their quality of life.

When an individual seeks the assistance of a chiropractor, they are given an examination to determine which parts of the body are, and have been affected by the issue. They will often take x-rays and do a thorough physical examination to identify the locations of compressed discs and pinched nerves.

A chiropractor does not use medication or invasive surgery to return the discs in the spine to their proper position. Most chiropractors use a combination of traditional chiropractic care and alternative therapies that include deep tissue massage and laser therapy to help an individual regain proper posture and find relief from the pain that is often caused by this condition.

The doctor develops a plan based on information collected that often includes a series of short visits that gradually return the spine to its’ proper position.

Once an individual’s posture has been returned to its proper position, the Sayreville chiropractor will provide a maintenance program to assure that there is no recurrence of the condition. With continued monitoring an individual will be able to enjoy a greater quality of life and avoid many of the issues that accompany bad posture.

Poor posture can affect every aspect of your health and wellness, but Sayreville chiropractor has solutions. You can learn more information about chiropractics when you visit the website at http://www.parlinspine.com .

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