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PRESS RELEASE: Parlin, NJ, 14-SEPT-2010: Parlin Spine & Laser Center is pleased to announce that Dr. Daniel Newcomer, Parlin Chiropractor, has developed new techniques and methods to address the pain of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome safely and effectively. When an individual has been suffering from the chronic pain of this condition for an extended period, they now have an alternative to surgery and medication.

Dr. Parlin evaluates the cause of the condition and reviews his patient’s lifestyle and activities. A person who at a desk or computer for long hours on a daily basis will often begin to experience the symptoms of carpal tunnel. This condition can cause weakness in the hands and fingers, tingling, numbness, and sharp needle-like pain that radiates from the elbows to the tips of the fingers.

Most people who experience this condition will find that if left untreated, it becomes progressively worse and can be debilitating. Many people are unable to continue their job when they are unable to use they lose the dexterity and mobility in their hands and fingers. When he examines the areas that are causing pain and takes x-rays of the areas, the doctor will be able to identify where nerves are being pinched and bones are misaligned.

The doctor will develop a plan that will relieve the immediate pain and begin building back the use and mobility of the hands without pain. Using state-of-the-art laser therapy, the chiropractor will be able to relieve the immediate pain and help the nerves which have been damaged. Doctor may recommend a change in diet to increase the nutrients and vitamins needed by the body to heal and regenerate damaged cells more quickly.

Exercises that include stretching and flexing will also be recommended in order to build the strength in the muscles supporting the muscle groups that are supporting the arms and shoulders. The doctor will often make recommendations regarding the work area and the ergonomic issues that should be addressed in order to proactively address the repetitive motion condition.

To get more details and information on how Dr. Daniel Newcomer, Parlin Chiropractor helps carpal tunnel syndrome with modern techniques and methods including Laser Therapy visit http://www.parlinspine.com today! The following contact information is available to members of the press who would like additional information with regard to this specific release.

Contact Name: Dr. Daniel Newcomer, Parlin Chiropractor

Company Name: Parlin Spine & Laser Center

Address: 3010 Bordentown Ave., Parlin, NJ 08859

Phone Number: 732-721-0044

Fax Number: 732-316-1336

Website: http://www.parlinspine.com

Dr. Daniel Newcomer, Parlin chiropractor, has developed methods and techniques to safely and naturally address the pain of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome quickly and effectively. When an individual is suffering from the pain of repetitive motion, Dr. Newcomer will be able to develop a program that will help you to regain the function and mobility in your hands quickly.


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PRESS RELEASE: Parlin, NJ – Sept. 18, 2010: Parlin Spine & Disc Center is pleased to announce that Dr. Daniel Newcomer, Sayreville/South Amboy Chiropractor has been recognized for his efforts in bring relief to patients suffering from arthritis pain through the use of deep tissue laser care. The doctor utilizes laser care in combination with both traditional and modern methods and techniques that address the pain and help the body to regenerate cells and damaged tissues.

The K Deep Tissue Laser produces dual infrared wavelengths simultaneously. These wavelengths add to the ability to achieve pain relief from pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and other conditions that damage muscles. The laser accelerates healing and increases cellular energy which gives the patient an improved range of motion and function.

Dr. Newcomer uses a holistic approach in addressing the needs of his patients and has developed a reputation for being able to relieve chronic pain effectively. His core philosophy of listening and responding proactively to the patient’s health challenges, concerns and complaints, have resulted in his ability to develop wellness programs that provide patients with the ability to begin enjoying their regular activities without pain.

When a new patient meets with Dr. Newcomer, he will perform an examination and take x-rays to determine the root cause of the pain. After an in depth discussion and evaluation of the information he has collected, the doctor will create a program to address the immediate pain and begin helping the body to reach an optimal healing environment through the use of traditional chiropractic and the Deep Tissue Laser.

To get more information about the methods and techniques used by Dr. Daniel Newcomer, Sayreville/South Amboy Chiropractor, to help patients find relief for pain and a healthier lifestyle, visit http://www.parlinspine.com today! The following contact information is available to members of the press who would like additional information with regard to this specific release.

Contact Name: Dr. Daniel Newcomer

Company Name: Parlin Spine & Disc Center

Address: 3010 Bordentown Ave., Parlin, NJ 08859

Telephone Number: (732) 721-0044

Fax Number: (732) 316-1336

Website: http://www.parlinspine.com

Dr. Daniel Newcomer uses the latest, state-of-the-art techniques and methods to provide relief from arthritis pain. The doctor has developed programs that include the application of deep tissue laser to relieve pressure and release tension that damages muscles and tissues.

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A Parlin chiropractor is able to offer natural and effective relief from the severe pain caused by a pinched nerve. Nerves act like electrical wires in the body and their job is to transmit information to and from the brain. When a nerve becomes pinched, it is unable to perform this function properly.

A pinched nerve is also referred to as nerve compression or nerve entrapment. There are a variety of reasons that can cause compression. It all depends on the location of the nerve. If there is a compressed nerve in the lower back or neck, it may be the result of arthritis, a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, or bone spurs.

Symptoms depend on which nerve is affected. The most common symptoms are pain, pins and needles (tingling), numbness, or a feeling of weakness that radiates along the nerve’s path. Often a feeling that a part of the body has fallen asleep is experienced.

The symptoms can be felt at the site of a compression or they can manifest themselves in other areas of the body. This is known as referred pain. For example, if a nerve is pinched in the shoulder, the symptoms may be felt down the arms into the hands, or up the neck into the head.

After discussing the symptoms and performing a physical examination, a chiropractic doctor is able to identify the location of a compressed nerve. If the condition is being caused by a misalignment in the body’s musculoskeletal system, chiropractic manipulations can rectify the situation. The manipulations may involve the spine, arms, legs, and neck.

A Parlin chiropractor may also use physiotherapy techniques such as ice packs, ultrasound, or electrotherapy to alleviate pain, relax muscle spasms, and reduce inflammation. In addition, rehabilitative exercises may be prescribed. The number of sessions will depend on the severity of the condition and the rate of recovery.

A Parlin chiropractor has many ways to relieve pain and improve your quality of life. You can learn more about techniques and methods by checking in at the website found at http://www.parlinspine.com .

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For sports injury pain, a competent Parlin chiropractor could be the key to successful recovery. Many of today’s sports are hard on the spine and training methods can often increase the chance of serious injury. In many cases, athletes have a misaligned spinal column just from participation in their sport. Add an injury to that and there can be significant pain.

Dealing with sports injuries isn’t easy for an athlete. The need for a reasonable recovery time is imperative. Qualifying competitions, special exhibitions, and other important events loom in the future. Missing out due to an injury is an emotional blow for serious athlete.

This is why many athletes have turned to the natural and safe practices of chiropractic care. After a full and complete evaluation the chiropractor can make an assessment regarding the next steps which are deemed appropriate. The patient can have input and can gain insight into preventing further and future injuries.

A healthy spine is really a vital aspect for an athlete. Sports injuries, regardless of their type, tend to also impact the spinal column. Traditional physicians tend to focus only on the injured area while chiropractic care often focuses on the entire body.

When a sports injury is obtained, it’s usually within the athlete’s best interest to remain drug free whenever possible. Chiropractic help can often relieve pain through gentle manipulation and other techniques like ultrasound. There are many methods available to help ease the pain and initiate healing through stimulation of nerve cells.

A Parlin chiropractor is a good choice for athletes who are itching to return to their sport and yet want to return in the best possible condition. With the information available through this alternative medical option, the athlete can return with a better understanding of how to remain injury free in the future. Athletic individuals of all ages can benefit from the care of a competent chiropractor.

A Parlin chiropractor helps to alleviate pain caused by recent or old sports injuries. For more information about pain management, see the website at http://www.parlinspine.com .

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A Sayreville/South Amboy Chiropractor can help people who have pain related to a herniated disc. Back problems are very common, and many people suffer from some sort of back pain everyday. Many people suffer from backache and consider the problem to be a normal part of aging. However, a herniated disc, which is an actual back injury, can be a more serious problem than an occasional back spasm or pulled back muscle.

A person can strain his or her back by lifting a heavy object by using incorrect motor skills. The correct way to lift a heavy object is to bend the knees, grasp the object and lift in a controlled manner. This method of lifting relies on the heavy leg muscles rather than the small and delicate back muscles which are easily strained.

People can also experience back problems from sitting down for extended periods of time behind a computer or the wheel of a vehicle, for instance. The human body was not meant to sit down for long stretches at a time but many jobs require people to sit for extended periods. Sitting for long periods puts undue pressure on the spine which can cause bulging of the discs which can cause a herniated disc.

The herniated or bulging disc has lost its natural shape because the fluid in the disc leaks out. The disc then cannot provide the shock absorption necessary for the spine to move in a pain free manner. Each time a person moves his back, he will feel moderate to extreme pain if there is a problem with one or more discs.

Given time, the disc will heal on its own. But some are finding that chiropractic care hastens the healing process. Many chiropractors will suggest spinal decompression as a way to help the body hasten the healing process. But there are other forms of therapy the chiropractor might recommend but spinal decompression is a common therapy.

However, before any therapy, the Sayreville/South Amboy Chiropractor will do a complete body exam in order to determine the best course of action. All back problems are unique and each person is unique. This is why it is important for the chiropractor to exam each individual in order to discover the source of his or her problem.

Your Sayreville/South Amboy chiropractor is trained and experienced in the techniques to provide relief from the pain of herniated discs. You can learn more about methods by visiting the website at http://www.parlinspine.com .

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Sciatica is a common problem caused by many daily activities. Maybe poor bending and lifting technique is to blame. Perhaps lack of exercise or carrying around too much weight. Ask your Sayreville/South Amboy Chiropractor. He could have the answer you seek.

Though clients often ignore back pain, the problem can get worse over time, especially if bad habits persist. One of the most important thing a professional will do is consult his client as to aspects of daily life which could change such as the need to stretch before exercise, how to hold a shovel and body posture when digging in the garden. He might indicate a need for weight loss or stepping up that exercise routine.

He will also want to look at the root cause of your sciatic from a different perspective. Do you suffer from arthritis or osteoporosis for example? Though their aim is to lesson reliance on medicines, sometimes an underlying problem requires a team effort from doctors, clients and chiropractors.

Adjustments can work well on low level pain. This could involve a hands-on approach. Some offices employ a hand-held, low-level thrusting device as well which does what the hands do only faster, thrusting gently but persistently to lower your level of pain.

Sometimes more high-tech devices are required. Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is employed to relieve pain safely by mimicking the nervous system. Electrical signals reaching the problem area help to reduce the need for analgesics. Massage therapy and physiotherapy are extras provided by at least one area clinic.

The Sayreville/South Amboy Chiropractor will perform deep tissue laser, distraction and decompression add the list of possible approaches. Lasers reduce inflammation. Distraction stretches the area. Decompression relaxes the vertebrae to reduce tension and compression in the affected area. Some time may be needed for complex issues, but expect chiropractic methods to offer relief to the pain you thought you had to learn to live with.

Your Sayreville/South Amboy chiropractor is in the business of providing pain relief and improving wellness for patients. You can learn more about chiropractic medicine by visiting the website at http://www.parlinspine.com .

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