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PRESS RELEASE: Parlin, NJ, 15-AUGUST-2010 – Parlin Spine & Disc Center and Parlin Chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Newcomer, DC, are pleased to remind patients in the Parlin area that the Center is regionally recognized for its all-natural solutions for problems related to back pain. Dr. Newcomer uses both hands on and low force instrument adjustments that is individualized according to the preliminary assessment of the patient.

Gentle chiropractic care is only one part of the therapeutic arsenal available to patients of Dr. Newcomer. Patients may also receive full physical therapy techniques, Cox flexion-distraction modality, cold laser therapy, deep tissue laser therapy and axial spinal decompression. The office uses the Kennedy decompression system for particularly complex cases involving low back pain, numbness and tingling, sciatica or neck pain.

For complex and difficult cases, patients may be given the Paniflex Protocol which combines axial spinal decompression, deep tissue laser and nutritional products for reduction of pain and inflammation. The Parlin Center also offers the NewLife Laser therapy.

Learn how spinal and back pain can be addressed through chiropractic techniques and methods by checking out the information available at http://www.parlinspine.com today. Members of the press and other individuals desiring further information about this specific press release may contact the following individual.

Contact Person: Dr. Daniel Newcomer, DC

Company Name: Parlin Spine & Disc Center

Address: 3010 Bordentown Ave., Parlin, NJ 08859

Contact Telephone: (732) 721-0044

Contact Fax: (732) 316-1336

Email: info@parlinspine.com

Website: http://www.parlinspine.com

Parlin Spine & Disc Center and Dr. Daniel Newcomer DC, offer effective therapeutic solutions for acute and chronic back and neck pain.


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PRESS RELEASE: Parlin, NJ 14-August-2010 — Parlin Spine and Disc Center is pleased to announce that Sayreville/South Amboy Chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Newcomer, has helped hundreds of clients ease neck pain fast. Pain in the neck can be caused by a variety of different things. Stress, auto accidents, and repetitive motions such as staring at a computer screen for extended periods can all cause neck pain or pain that radiates to the head and shoulders.

Dr. Newcomer applies traditional chiropractic manipulation of the cervical spine to correct subluxations that can cause muscles to spasm and cause pain. He also uses massage therapy to relieve muscle spasms and tension on trigger points that can create neck pain and referred pain to different areas of the head.

In addition to the therapies used to help clients find relief from neck pain in the present, Dr. Newcomer also teaches clients about nutrition and different foods that can trigger pain as well as other lifestyle changes that can help prevent future occurrences of pain from the same cause.

For more information about how Dr. Daniel Newcomer helps patients find fast relief from neck pain, area residents are encouraged to visit his website at http://www.parlinspine.com/. Members of the press and/or other interested parties may also obtain more information by contacting the following:

Parlin Spine and Disc Center

Dr. Daniel Newcomer, Sayreville/South Amboy Chiropractor

3010 Bordentown Avenue

Parlin, NJ 08859

Phone: 732-721-0044

Fax: 732-316-1336

Sayreville/South Amboy Chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Newcomer helps hundreds of clients each week find relief from neck pain. He applies a variety of chiropractic therapies and education to assist patients in finding relief and keeping it from coming back.

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A Parlin Chiropractor, using his skill and experience can help you relieve your neck pain without having to resort to invasive procedures or the use of unnecessary medication. These guys teach you to take control of your pain and how to manage it naturally so that you are able to have quality of life, partaking in your normal daily activities – pain free.

General practitioners tend to prescribe a number of medications to alleviate the symptoms, but are often not able to find the underlying cause of the problem. These prescriptions generally include muscle relaxers, inflammatory medication or even medication that can become addictive over time. Because of this fact, many people are looking for an alternative method to heal their neck pain in a more holistic and natural way.

The neck is an important part of the body, but unfortunately, it is not given enough attention when it comes to overwork and incorrect posture. There are also other reasons for injury, such as accidents where whiplash is common or diving accidents where youngsters hurt their necks. Many people suffer with the pain to to a point where it becomes necessary for urgent intervention to take place.

These unfortunate accidents can cause pinched nerves or strained muscles along the spinal column, which will give you a sharp burning sensation continuously. Especially when you move your neck around. Another problem that causes great discomfort is commonly referred to as a slipped disc. The pain occurs when one or more discs become unaligned due to trauma to the back and neck – that alone can lead to extreme and debilitating pain.

Understanding what is causing your pain is the best way to start with the process of recuperation. Your muscles, tendons and spine are the main parts of the neck and you cannot afford to take chances by not attending to the problem immediately. After the correct chiropractic procedures, you will be able to do small easy tasks again, you would even be able to turn your head without having to endure those sore pinches.

You will receive professional consultation that will include physical therapy, massage and information on the correct and incorrect way to use your neck. If you are suffering from the symptoms discussed above, then it’s time to get in touch with a person who understands spinal pain. A Parlin Chiropractor in your area will help you to get on the road to recovery very quickly.

Your Parlin chiropractor can offer solutions for pain in the body, regardless of the location. If you need to learn more about the treatments, visit the website at http://www.parlinspine.com .

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Pain of any kind is not good, but it seems to be worse when it involves the back. No matter what position one assumes there is no relief. In a case such as this, one should consult a Parlin Chiropractor. The chiropractor can take a history, make an examination and relate the best plan of action to take to change the situation.

A chiropractor must have many hours of schooling and clinical work before they can even apply for a license to practice. During this training they must learn every detail of a human body. This is what allows them to be able to trace pain one is having back to its source.

The spine is a very intricate part of the human body. In addition to its vertebrae one will find muscles, tendons, discs, nerves and blood vessels. This also involves the spinal cord which relays any back pain felt to the brain.

With all of these varied parts it is no wonder that when any one of them goes wrong there is severe pain. Sometimes the problem is simply that the spine is out of alignment and needs to be put back into place. Many times this works out to be the problem.

When one realizes the tremendous strain that is constantly placed on this part of the body it is a wonder that there is not more trouble in this area. It not only supports all of the upper body’s parts but must bend and twist when necessary.

The cause of pain in this area can usually be traced to bending wrong or a sharp twist that puts the spine out of alignment. When one consults with a Parlin Chiropractor, the cause of pain can be located and action taken to bring relief. Often instructions will also be given to improve one’s lifestyle by getting on a wellness program.

If you want relief from pain of sciatica, your Parlin chiropractor is a good place to start. For more information about chiropractic solutions, visit the website at http://www.parlinspine.com .

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Back pain can be one of the more life altering injuries that can afflict an individual. Even the smallest twinge can prevent someone from taking part in their favourite hobbies and passions. It can turn a normally pleasant person into an irritated, touchy one. And in extreme cases, without attention, pain in the back can even lead to complete immobility or someone becoming paralysed. So it is important to take action. And the best way is to visit a Sayreville/South Amboy Chiropractor.

Back injury can happen to anyone at any time. Although more commonly associated with the older generation, the number of cases in younger people is on the rise every year. This is down to a number of reasons.

One reason thought to be behind the rise in back pain, or lumbago, is the rise of obesity in young people. When people are extremely over weight there is a lot of extra strain put on the spine and back muscles. Losing weight will lessen the severity of the problem but once the damage is done it cannot be resolved completely without the proper attention.

So who can provide this. While a doctor will be able to reduce the pain it is unlikely that they will be able to completely solve the problem. They may advise surgery as the best option, and while this could work remember that any kind of surgery can be dangerous.

So before deciding on an operation consider a chiropractor. Their entire career is focused on this area so they know what they are doing. And unlike the action a doctor is likely to take, chiropractic work is completely natural so no drugs.

If you want to know how to end the pain in your back the hopefully this has given you some idea of where to start. And the sooner you take action, the sooner you can be pain free. A Sayreville/South Amboy Chiropractor will be able to provide you with important details about your back pain and how to maintain a healthy body.

Your Sayreville/South Amboy chiropractor is available to reduce or eliminate lower back pain symptoms in local residents. You can learn more about techniques and principles associated with chiropractics by visiting the website at http://www.parlinspine.com .

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The local Sayreville/South Amboy Chiropractor wants to help you with your sciatica pain. He is trained to give you mild to moderate adjustments that should relieve your discomfort. He also has several other pieces of equipment that he may use for the same purpose. All are painless and all natural approaches to your distress.

Attending to your discomfort naturally may be the best idea. Yoga, stretching and simple exercises to get your body moving have no side effects. They should not hurt, and they should relieve some of your discomfort. Also, a proper diet never hurts.

Your chiropractor will agree with simple stretches. And he may give you a selection of additional exercises to do. These will depend on your individual pain and situation.

Sciatica is usually caused by some sort of misalignment of the spine. It can sooner or later affect your legs, arms, and neck. You may feel pain in various degrees. Numbing and tingling may also be included in your discomfort.

When your chiropractor uses his gentle adjustments on the spine, he is attempting to realign it. In this way, the sciatica pain should be relieved. Some people have reported that they had positive results from the chiropractor’s adjustments in just one visit. And with continued adjustments, your suffering may completely subside. Think of how healthy you can feel, if you continue your chiropractic visits on a regular basis.

Your spine can be thrown out of alignment by so many things that you do during every day. You could have a job where you sit all day. Even this could affect the spine. If you stand at your job all day, this could be terrible for your back and legs. Or you may just slip on a step one day. It is great to know that your Sayreville/South Amboy chiropractor is there to straighten you out again whenever you need it.

You don’t have to suffer from sciatica when you contact your Sayreville/South Amboy chiropractor for solutions. More details are available when you visit the website at http://www.parlinspine.com .

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