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What is Spinal Decompression Therapy?  Spinal Decompression is a non-surgical treatment to relieve back pain, sciatica, neck pain, and numbness/tingling associated with spinal disc conditions.  Bulging discs, herniated discs, injuries, spinal stenosis, and pinched nerves may all respond to this ground breaking therapy.  It is an FDA approved therapy that has shown excellent long term results.  Our office uses the Kennedy Decompression system to provide gentle and effective treatment to patients who want an alternative to surgery or drugs for their pain.  You are gently strapped to the table and a computer console controls the amount of decompression force to carefully separate the discs and relieve pressure on the nerves.  The decompression therapy works in minute increments, but over time it allows the disc tissue to heal and get the proper nutrients to relieve pain, swelling, and other associated symptoms.

Interested parties should contact Dr Newcomer directly at 732-721-0044 or through the practice website at http://www.parlinspine.com.  Patients can also e-mail our office directly at dofc80@aol.com for further information.


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The technology of Photomedicine has been developed over time and is generally accepted within the medical, chiropractic, and health community. Sophisticated lasers, such as the one used by Dr Newcomer, is a more recent development.  Dr Newcomer uses a powerful Class IV laser calibrated at specific wavelengths to help patients with chronic pain, swelling, inflammation, and injury.  This breakthrough represents an immense leap in natural healing by providing a safe, effective, and soothing modality.  Research proves that injuries can heal 30% faster with class IV laser care.  So what is Photomedicine?  In basic terms, it is the application of concentrated waves of light that emit photons to affect healing in human tissue.  The beneficial effects of the light include shortened healing times, increased metabolic activity, and a profound increase through proliferation of cell generation in the healing of damaged tissue.

Individuals interested in learning more about how class IV laser can help them, are encouraged to contact Dr Newcomer at 732-721-0044 or through his site at http://www.parlinspine.com.

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PRESS RELEASE: Parlin, NJ, 10-JULY-2010 – Parlin Spine and Disc Center is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Daniel Newcomer, Sayreville/South Amboy Chiropractor who provides safe solutions to individuals suffering from pain. Dr. Newcomer uses the latest methods and technology, including a deep tissue laser, that brings comfort and relief to individuals that allows them to return to their daily activities without pain.

The deep tissue laser used by Dr. Newcomer is designed to reduce pain and inflammation, as well as heal tissue. Using the laser as part of a holistic program that include an advanced nutritional protocol, an individual will find that their pain is relieved and they begin to feel more fit and healthy as the program continues.

When an individual visits the chiropractor, they will be provided with an extensive screening that will include an in depth discussion about past medical history and X-rays. The doctor will also discuss any past injuries or accidents that have occurred, but were not addressed. For many people, part of their pain is a result of unaddressed injuries that have occurred in the past.

When the doctor develops an individualized program, it will address all areas of the body that may be contributing to the pain. In many cases, an individualized exercise program that will help to strengthen the muscles that support the spine and neck will be provided to complement the deep tissue laser therapy that is being provided.

An individual will find that a holistic program may include massage that focuses on those areas of the body that are causing pain. In addition, a hands on spinal adjustment may be employed to provide immediate relief from pain.

You can learn more about how different types of pain are addressed and how Dr. Dr. Daniel Newcomer, Sayreville/South Amboy Chiropractor and the team at Parlin Spine and Disc Center can address them by visiting http://www.parlinspine.com today. The following contact information is available to members of the press who would like additional information with regards to this specific release.

Contact Person: Dr. Daniel Newcomer

Company Name: Parlin Spine and Disc Center

Address: 3010 Bordentown Ave., Parlin, NJ 08859

Contact Number: (732) 721-0044

Fax Number: (732) 316-1336

Email: http://www.parlinspine.com/email-doctor.html

Website: http://www.parlinspine.com

Parlin Spine and Disc Center and Dr. Daniel Newcomer, Sayreville/South Amboy Chiropractor offer natural and safe solutions for individuals wishing to take control of their pain. Programs are holistic and can help to eliminate recurrence of future pain.

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PRESS RELEASE: Parlin, NJ, 09-JULY-2010 – Parlin Spine & Disc Center and Parlin chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Newcomer, DC, are pleased to announce alternative medicine solutions for pain relief to locals. Chiropractic care provides a safe, effective and holistic solution to many issues, problems and conditions affecting health and wellness.

Chiropractic medicine strives to look at the whole person and alleviate pain and disease from a holistic standpoint. Reducing acute pain episodes are only part of a standard course of visits to a chiropractor. One of the techniques used by Dr. Newcomer is K-Laser. Deep tissue laser stimulation helps to reduce pain and inflammation, speed tissue growth and repair and stimulate circulation. Conditions that show dramatic improvement include arthritis, numbness, herniated discs and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Chronic conditions are addressed by a combination of pain management techniques and changes in habits and lifestyle choices. Nutritional counseling, posture training, exercise routines and stress reduction techniques are part of patient follow-up care. The impact that stress has upon physical and mental health is recognized by Parlin chiropractor, Daniel Newcomer. Working with each patient one-on-one provides extra emphasis to the individually developed action plan.

Learn more about the techniques and principles of chiropractic care–a safe, effective and long-term solution to pain, by checking the resources and information available at http://www.parlinspine.com. Members of the press can learn more details about chiropractic care and the techniques identified in this press release by contacting the person listed below.

Contact Person: Dr. Daniel Newcomer, DC

Company Name: Parlin Spine & Disc Center

Address: 3010 Bordentown Ave., Parlin, NJ 08859

Contact Number: (732) 721-0044

Fax Number: (732) 316-1336

Email: info@parlinspine.com

Website: http://www.parlinspine.com

Parlin Spine & Disc Center and Dr. Daniel Newcomer, Parlin chiropractor, offer alternative medicine using holistic principles and techniques that provide pain relieve and long-term quality of life improvements.

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A Sayreville/South Amboy chiropractor uses deep tissue laser therapy to safely relieve pain. This therapy makes use of non-invasive modality to relieve both swelling and pain in the body. It can effectively repair soft tissue damage. The laser emits a power heat that can quickly relieve the patient.

Laser light therapy is a technologically advanced therapeutic tool which converts light into biochemical energy. This helps the cell to function normally. Consequently, once the cell is performing at its peak again, pain and inflammation are eradicated. The body is restored to its normal function also.

The laser therapy stimulates the cell transport processes particularly in mitochondria, membranes and epithelial tissues. Chemicals that are vasodilating are released as a result. DNA and RNA are stimulated. Enzyme production is increased. Tissues become normal.

Vasodilation will increase blood supply and enhances the microcirculation of cells which will help repair tissues faster. This will also reduce edema or swelling in cells. Deep tissue laser is a technologically advanced therapeutic gadget. The laser provides photonic energy that can cause positive changes to the cells. This can increase ATP or adenosine-triphosphate levels. Circulation is also increased. Pain and swelling subsides.

There are no side effects noted after the laser therapy. Pain relief is also faster compared to the forms of modalities. Deep tissue laser can effectively reduce pain associated with back aches, all kinds of injuries, headaches and other ailments. These lasers can emit up to 10,000 mega watts of power range that is sufficient in reducing pain or swelling quickly.

People who avail of laser therapy report quick relief from their aches and inflammation. This latest tool can also repair soft tissue injury which is not visible to x-rays or the human eye. A Sayreville/South Amboy chiropractor allows patients to make use of the latest laser technology to help them find necessary relief quickly and conveniently. Getting rid of pain is the goal of your Sayreville/South Amboy chiropractor. You can learn more about the methods used to accomplish a pain-free lifestyle when you visit http://www.parlinspine.com .

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A Sayreville/South Amboy Chiropractor offers deep tissue laser therapy which is beneficial to people in the area. This kind of therapy makes use of laser light which can provide non-surgical option to relieve pain safely. Laser light therapy is a new kind of therapy that shows a lot of promise in pain management, particularly chronic and acute pain, which do not respond to other forms of therapy.

Chiropractors use this latest technology to help their patients attain quick relief from their nagging pain. The laser therapy often lasts few minutes at a time. But its effects appear to be more lasting than medications and surgery. It is considered as one of the most effective form of care for aches in the body.

During the therapy, patients report a deep warmth spreading through the body as the cells get accustomed to the light. The laser does not have any known side effects. Thus, making it safe to use. It is a non-invasive therapy which reaches the deep tissue and penetrates muscles for its eventual relief.

People who suffer from slipped or herniated discs, low back pain, sports injuries, headaches and other muscle problems report reduced pain after a laser therapy. Aside from pain, deep tissue laser can also effectively address soft tissue injuries which cause swelling.

The deep tissue laser works through the use of photo-biostimulation. This process can oxygenate the cells and stimulates them to grow. Cell repair becomes faster as a result. This advanced technology provides a safe way to eliminate all forms of muscle and joint inflammation and pain.

The therapy can attain faster results that other therapies. During the laser session, one feels a deep soothing warmth spreading through the body. This will assure you that this laser is working and that it is stimulating cellular processes in your body. A Sayreville/South Amboy Chiropractor makes use of the latest devices such as laser light to help the patient recover faster.

Deep tissue laser therapy is just one of the techniques used effectively by your Sayreville/South Amboy chiropractor. For more information about chiropractics and its all-natural benefits, visit the website at http://www.parlinspine.com .

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If you are suffering from muscular pain and tension a visit to a Parlin chiropractor for a session of deep tissue laser therapy will help to ease aches and pains safely and naturally. The chiropractor uses laser therapy which is an evolution of light therapy that addresses pain in your muscular system by directing heat to the problem areas.

The focused heat increases circulation in the muscles and reduces inflammation in the deep tissues. This has provides a jump start to the healing process as the muscles relax due to the applied heat, and the increased circulation brings oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the affected area.

The laser sends rays of photonic energy into the muscles, which provide a radiating warmth. There is no pain associated with this modality, and there are no known side effects to deep tissue laser therapy. The therapy increases the production of a chemical known as adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, which acts as an energy carrier in our cells.

Inflammation is reduced and improves circulation, relieving pain while speeding the healing process. This method of therapy is useful for a variety of conditions including headaches, migraines, lower back pain, bulging discs, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more.

If you have pain and tension in your shoulders, neck, arms and legs then this type of therapy may be an effective method of alleviating symptoms. The chiropractor will usually combine laser therapy with other chiropractic methods and techniques to correct any misalignment of the joints due to accident or injury.

When an individual is experiencing pain and discomfort, they may have limited mobility and pain that prevents them from performing daily activities. When used in combination with other chiropractic methods, the non-invasive technique will help you to achieve an improved quality of life. A Parlin chiropractor will be able to provide the assistance you need to begin enjoying a pain free life.

Your Parlin chiropractor uses deep tissue laser therapy and other advanced technology to provide solutions for pain. You can learn more about techniques when you visit http://www.parlinspine.com .

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