PRESS RELEASE: South Amboy, NJ – 09-FEBRUARY-2011 – Parlin Spine & Disc Center and South Amboy chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Newcomer DC, are pleased to announce therapeutic advances for those who have experienced whiplash in an accident. Whiplash is one of the most common soft tissue injuries. It occurs when the head is thrown back and then forward violently.

Whiplash pain often doesn’t not manifest until several hours or even days following the mishap. This makes it difficult to identify the extent of injuries. Because injuries occur to the soft tissues of the neck, the symptoms may not be easy to identify. Chiropractic assessments zero in on the symptoms and identify the best therapeutic measures for relief.

Dr. Newcomer focuses on physical therapy for pain management, but remains committed to long term wellness for patients. Education in nutrition, stress management and exercise is offered in consultation with patients.

Learn more about whiplash injuries and how gentle, yet effective solutions are improving pain levels for victims by checking out the web pages found at http://www.parlinspine.com today. Members of the press and others who have questions about information provided in this press release may contact Dr. Newcomer at the location identified below.

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Parlin Spine & Disc Center and South Amboy chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Newcomer DC offers safe and effective solutions to the pain caused by whiplash and other soft tissue injuries.


RESS RELEASE: Sayreville, NJ, 09-FEBRUARY-2011 – Parlin Spine & Disc Center and Dr. Daniel Newcomer DC, Sayreville chiropractor, are pleased to announce an emphasis on pain relief solutions following injuries due to auto accidents. Sayreville residents are fortunate to have access to the skills and abilities of state of the art chiropractic care in the community.

A virtual consultation is available for patient assistance. By clicking on an image of problem areas in the neck and spine, additional details can be accessed. In the case of a cervical whiplash, a common result of rear end collision, the mechanics of motion and ensuing soft tissue damage are readily apparent.

In personal discussions with the patient, Dr. Newcomer helps to lay out suggested remedies for rapid pain diminishment. Long term actions to strengthen and improve soft tissue in the injured area are developed with patient input.

Learn more about typical pain symptoms following impact type accidents such as those in a vehicular incident and how they can be relieved through prompt chiropractic solutions by checking out the website at http://www.parlinspine.com today. Members of the press and others who need answers to questions about the information in this press release can contact Dr. Newcomer using the contact information below.

Contact Person: Dr. Daniel Newcomer, DC

Company Name: Parlin Spine & Disc Center

Address: 3010 Bordentown Avenue, Parlin, NJ 08859

Telephone Number: (732) 721-0044

Fax Number: (732) 316-1336

Email: info@parlinspine.com

Website: http://www.parlinspine.com

Parlin Spine & Disc Center and Sayreville chiropractor, Dr. Newcomer DC, offer prompt and effective assessment and therapeutic plans for achieving pain relief from auto accident mishaps.

Chiropractic professionals have become increasingly popular throughout the last century. Chiropractors are widely used around the world for a variety of reasons, but many people consult with a South Amboy chiropractor after they have been in a car accident. Chiropractors are skilled professionals who can provide practical solutions to manage all types of pain.

Whether you are experiencing spinal issues due to a car accident or you are just interested in ways you can address the stress you experience after a car accident, these professionals can provide customized solutions for you to use. Chiropractors can provide you with adjustment therapies and a host of other therapies to repair your spine and joints to help you live a healthy and normal life.

Adjustments are often found to be very effective for patients who have been in auto accidents, because adjustments can place the spine and joints into their natural positions. Once you have undergone these procedures, you will likely feel healthier and you will be able to move with a more fluid range of motion.

While adjustments generally make up the most useful solutions chiropractic professionals can recommend, they are also well known for their ability to maximize the effectiveness of strength training techniques and other physical training processes when helping their patients. By utilizing these solutions, you can make your entire body stronger and you can minimize the severity of the pain you experience due to car accident injuries.

Physical training can improve the strength of your entire body. As a result of improving the strength of your entire body, you can improve your body’s posture and greatly reduce the strain you place on certain portions of your body on a daily basis. Once your body is fit and strong, the pain and discomfort you experience due to car accident injuries will likely be greatly reduced.

South Amboy chiropractor professionals are well known for managing the health of patients coping with a wide variety of disorders. By consulting with one of these skilled individuals, you can start addressing the pain you are experiencing right now and you can start enjoying the benefits of maintaining a vibrant state of health as well.

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Whiplash is the name given to an injury to the neck usually suffered in a car accident. This same problem can also happen from any sudden collision in a sport such as football or even an unexpected fall. The sudden head movement experienced in any of these situations can damage the muscles and ligaments found in the neck. Damage to the spinal tissue could occur or problems with the spinal joints. However severe the damage is a South Amboy chiropractor can help.

The symptoms of whiplash can be much more than just neck pain. This pain and stiffness can reach the shoulders, back and right down to the legs. It may not be pain but a constant numbness or tingling sensation. Many people report chronic headaches or blurred vision. The accident can affect different people in different ways.

Whatever way the injury manifests itself it has to be corrected. The best way to find this is using chiropractic techniques. As every case is different these techniques can be altered to suit through a detailed evaluation of the individual. This evaluation will include x-rays, performance tests and a look at the individuals medical history.

From these tests the best solution will be determined. There are many ways to help different injuries. But for whiplash the most common technique used is spinal manipulation.

This manipulation of the spine helps to realign the vertebrae. This allows them to achieve their natural range of movement. In addition to this muscle stimulation or relaxation can also be used to help any damage caused. A chiropractor will also offer advice on how to prevent any future problems related to this injury.

For long term relief talk to a South Amboy chiropractor. Their custom solutions for every individual offer the best chance of this. The sooner the better as these problems can become irreversible if left for too long.

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If you have been involved in an accident and suffered injuries, a Sayreville chiropractor could help you with pain alleviation. They could also help in returning the proper structure to your spine. This, together with other therapeutic techniques will ensure a natural way to alleviate the pain you may be suffering.

Whiplash is caused by the sudden movement of your head. This could be sideways, backward or forward movement. This type of injury could occur during motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries or injuries that occur at work. Whiplash symptoms may not develop immediately after your accident. Due to this, victims may not seek medical attention until they start to develop more serious complications.

The severe pain and restricted movement that you may experience after an injury of this type is due to muscle tightening. This is in response to either muscles that have been torn or ligament damage. The muscles will usually tighten in order to support the head and limit the excessive motion. Whiplash symptoms include neck stiffness or pain, blurred vision, fatigue, dizziness, pain between the shoulder blades, headache, lower back pain or stiffness, and fatigue, among others.

This type of accident could cause the discs between the vertebrae of your spine to bulge or rupture. The vertebrae might be pushed out of their normal position which will cause a reduction in the range of your normal movement.

When you first visit your chiropractor, a full medical history will be taken. Although you may be complaining about pain in the neck following your accident, your practitioner will do an evaluation of your spine. He/she will check your neck, mid-back and your lower back.

The exact therapy method that your Sayreville chiropractor will use is dependent upon the results of the assessment. Spinal manipulation will be used to improve the movement of the joints. Gentle massage techniques will be used to release the tension in the surrounding muscles. Your regular diet and exercise regime will also be discussed with you.

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The number of car accidents each year is on the increase. This is not really surprising as more cars are on the road than ever before and on virtually the same amount of road space. Whether the crash is serious enough to destroy the car or just dent it the driver and passengers are always at risk from injuries. Luckily a Sayreville chiropractor can provide relief from this pain.

Any kind of injury could be sustained from an automobile accident but the most common one is whiplash. This happens when the neck is forced to stretch beyond the usual range of movement. This can easily damage the vertebrae of the neck and spine. The muscles and the tendons are also at risk in this scenario.

Whiplash can affect other areas than the neck. Although the damage is in that area the effects can radiate. There are many symptoms associated with it. Headaches and blurry vision are very common and people often report pain in their back, legs and arms. If you have experienced anything like this after a car crash then you may have whiplash.

If you think you may have this condition then you should consider chiropractic techniques. They have a very high success rate in relieving pain of this type. This is because they can be altered to suit every different case.

When you first visit a chiropractor they will find the exact problem that is causing you to suffer. With this information they can then decide on the best method to relieve your pain. Sometimes a combination of methods will be needed. This flexibility is what gives you the very best chance of long lasting relief.

Do not underestimate the seriousness of any slight pain you may be feeling. The slight discomfort can easily grow into a much bigger problem and if left for too long could even become irreversible. Contact your Sayreville chiropractor now to give yourself the best chance of recovery.

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